Recognised by manufacturer but not service centre

By being recognised but not an official service centre is a little frustration however due to politics and red tape means it's pretty good! Generally larger manufacturers only appoint official service centres to their distribution country network, because we do not deal with stock or logistics doesn't qualify us to become a distribution network however the manufacturers repair centres recognise the frustration and we work closely with them to provide original parts and direct support.

We often see a couple of Supro amps in for repair. Mainly the Coronado range as they are a versatile loud and compact amplifier with all valve features.  Clean simple designs make for a good repair at our workshop facilities in Harlow.

If you're losing volume or have developed a hum book in your amp for a service and clean up.

Having worked on many Randall RH series amp heads when they first were issued to the UK market and had dealings with Randall straight in the US we recognise the fact they care for the aftercare of their amps and are very helpful in supplying us with parts from across the pond, there was even one situation where a production amp was pulled from the line to have a transformer stripped out for us and FEDEX'd over to us in an emergency!


Randall has the clear defined American Rock sound and we're happy to repair all forms of broken Randall amps be it a combo or just head.

Get in touch with us by raising a repair ticket above and we'll get your American crunch back in your ears!

We love Fenders amplifiers and see many Hot Rods in for repair, not because they are a troublesome amplifier but they are a good all rounder, being light and punchy with a volume control you can never realistically get above 3 we have a good working relationship with Fender service department and obtain spares regularly.

We're often seeing lots of Fender amps to repair, not because they're troublesome but because they are popular.  Popular models we see include the hot rod deluxe, blues and daville. Common faults with these amps is excessive humming caused by bad capacitors, crackling and popping caused by heat affected components.


If you have a Fender amplifier needing repair please use the repair ticket and our workshop will assist your repair.

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